Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Tapering for the CW100 and ramping it up for Chester

4 Weeks Until Chester Marathon and 

2 Weeks Until Cotswold 100!

Blue - Both of us 
John - Orange  
Kelly -Purple 

Another busy week in the world of Jelly making it difficult to focus 100% on training. Even so, Dickserooney still smashes out two sessions whilst the Wizard of Navigation mainly puts his feet up and starts to carbo load very early.

Monday 10th September 2018

My contribution to the blog is going to be a little repetitive... Soz. Its the big race next week so I promise extensive getting lost in the woods stories very soon. Monday was a 5K plod around the block. After smashing up my feet, knees and back running the Ring of Fire wearing minimalist trail shoes (X-Talons = AWESOME in the right conditions - 5-10 miles along technical terrain) I have since invested in some new daps. Hoka One One Clifton 4s... on the advice of some close friends who are a lot more experienced than I am on the trail/ultra scene - I took the plunge and invested in a very new and different shoe. I wore these shoes recce-ing a leg of the Cotswolds last weekend end and started this week plodding around in them. VERY comfy. Considerably more cushioning than my usual ride of Hyperspeed 6s or Brooks Purecadence. Like running on clouds! I hope to feel like this throughout the 100+ miles next weekend - whatever happens I'm not gonna do anymore damage than I did wearing trail flats! Will give a better product review post race...

Rest day for me today but I still went to see Jules for my personal training session. Just a 30 min blast this week (lonely without John :( he's still recovering...). A great session low on weights, as it's getting close to race day, but with high intensity to get the heart-rate up. 

Tuesday 11th September 2018

Tuesday - another 5K plod round the block, 8ish-MM pace. Legs are feeling good and I'm just running for enjoyment, staying healthy and continuing my streak - 254 days of running 5K+ every day! In the evening, I had the pleasure of cycling alongside KD whilst she smashed out her speed work :-)

For once, I have a positive story to tell about my speed work session! 2 mile warm up followed by
 5x 0.6 mile at 6:45mm pace (marathon pace) and alternating 5x 0.6 at 7:30mm pace. There's something about intervals that I find so much easier than large blocks of marathon pace efforts. From the first step, I felt great. The pace felt easy - so much easier than the Chippenham half on Sunday! 

All of my efforts were pretty much spot on. It was amazing to have John on the bike as he was able to tell me when to speed up or slow down without me having to look at my watch a million times! My heart-rate was about 170 on the MP efforts and 150 on the slower efforts...I think that's about right. 

Wednesday 12th September 2018

Wednesday - went to running club and ran with a big group doing one of the summer routes, probably for the last time as the nights draw in. A steady 6 miles chatting about RoF being done and prep talk for the CW100. Continued carb loading with a massive portion of chicken and chips with healthy beer as a side.

I ran the four miles to club with the aim of doing about 14 miles tonight. However, the half marathon on Sunday followed by speed work yesterday had clearly taken its toll on my legs and I wasn't feeling too springy. I joined John for a steady 6 miles with the GWR crew to make the total to 10 for the day. Definitely need to rest up for a few days now and recover. 

Thursday 13th September 2018

Thursday morning was ANOTHER 5K plod - early doors before work as we had plans for the evening - Arctic Monkeys in London!! After an interesting endurance on the Mega Bus, we hooked up with our mates Max (who I've mentioned before and whom maybe got me into running as an adult when we both ran the Bristol 10K in 2010 = ) and his girlfriend Frankie, who is lovely but does support Hull... It's the third time I've seen the monkeys and this was probably the best time yet. Although we were sat near the back of the O2, the gig had plenty of atmosphere for everyone. Lots of singing and dancing - a great time had by all. A VERY late night though as we rolled into bed some time after 2am...

No running today...dancing was my cross training! 

Friday 14th September 2018

Friday... Tired... Shoulda ran in the morning really as I hate the idea of running on a Friday night. Ah well. Got home and got the run done as fast as I could as we had steak and chips for tea! (Sorry - lots of food talk when there's not much running going on!)

After not much sleep and with a full on run planned for tomorrow, I had another rest day today. 

Saturday 15th September 2018

It was time for the big one today. 22 miles with a parkrun in the middle. Mission...plan the run so that I arrive on time for The Maestro's 250th parkrun. John had recommended that I use the Portway and run out for an hour and then back to parkrun for an hour...which should mean I arrive on time. I also wanted to get as many of the miles done before parkrun as possible so I didn't have to run too many miles afterwards with a belly full of cake! 

I always say that I can tell within the first few miles if the run is going to be a good one. I took the first mile steady (8:17) and then tried to pick it up a bit (7:43). Despite the half marathon last weekend and the speedwork the other day, I felt pretty good so kept increasing the speed (7:16). I got into a bit of a rhythm. It was a beautiful sunny morning and I was feeling good. 

7 and a half miles later, just under an hour had passed and I'd ran out of Portway so I turned around and headed back towards parkrun. I arrived in Ashton Court after 15 miles. I still had about 15mins until the start so I squeezed in another cheeky mile.

As soon as I'd stopped, I felt pretty tired. I decided to take parkrun fairly steady on the uphill and then pick it up a bit on the downhill. On the way up the hill, about 4 or 5 girls passed me...I wasn't too worried as today was about the long run rather than the parkrun win (...I know..it's not a race...;). At the turn, I decided to pick up the pace and thought I might as well chase down some girls at the same time! Moving into 2nd place, I was pretty happy to just hold it there and get to the end. Then, however, Maggie (who was marshaling) yelled out a little 'Go on Kelly, you can catch her!' Well, I couldn't resist the challenge! Kicking up the pace, I stormed around the bend and down the hill. I was getting closer and closer and eventually I managed to get right up in line with her. I'd have liked to have been stealthy and sneaked up but I am rather a loud runner...she heard me, turned and saw me and boom - she was off and across the line. Must work on my finish...after the marathon maybe! 

When I'd finished parkrun, I had only 3 miles left. After eating copious amounts of John's amazing gluten free marble cake, running wasn't easy but I got it done. 22 miles at 7:31mm average pace. Really pleased with that. 

Saturday - parkrun day! A massive milestone for the Maestro! 250 parkruns! A massive achievement of commitment to running and staying fit and healthy. parkrun is amazing. A fantastic community of like minded people getting together, doing what we love - for free! Mum came a long for her first parkrun in a while and we ran together - just under 40 minutes followed by about 5 pieces of cake... A lush morning!

Sunday 16th September 2018

Sunday - one final Cotswold Way recce. KD was away for the weekend so it was lads on tour... in Bath! Maestro, Gary (awesome RoF performance in last weeks blog) met early doors and ran steady throughout a relatively boring, ugly and straightforward stretch along the Cotswolds. Great chat about running in general and comparing kitlists ready for next week.

I was in London for a family reunion so just a gentle 6 mile run for me around Nonsuch Park. A bit lonely! 

This week is gonna be damage limitation. 5K every day, very slow. Trying to eat as healthy as possible whilst ignoring every phantom ache and pain. Cotswolds 100 - bring it on!!

GFRG Total Miles for the week -  47 

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