Sunday, June 30, 2019

Unexpected SBs and PBs

Abingdon Marathon Training 

Week 3 - 16 weeks to go

Both of us - Blue 
Kelly -Purple 
John - Orange 

Monday 24th June 2019 

Rest day today so I decided to cycle to work. Haven't done this for a couple of weeks while I wasn't  feeling great and the weather has been hideous for ages...I'm definitely a fair-weather cyclist! My cycle to work is brilliant; it's petty much entirely cycle paths and 3 miles door to door. So a total of 6 miles cycling for today. 

Usually a rest day for me - but weather was too good/tempting - 5 Mile Recovery Run @ 9MM 

Tuesday 25th June 2019 

Today was the Pomphrey 5k mob match. A 'mob match' is basically a team event for running clubs. The first 20 for each club across the line count for the team. GWR didn't quite manage to get 20 runners together but it was still a good race. 

I was feeling pretty good so wanted to try and beat my time for last two races - 19:36 and 19:21. The race got off to a fast start and I was running neck and neck with Ellen from Bristol and West. After the first mile, I was still feeling strong so I pushed on past her and tried to keep the pace up. The benefit of marathon training is that, suddenly, a 5k feels really short! I managed to finish in 5th place with a time of 19:18 - a season's best! 

It's interesting that my best times in shorter distances come when I'm marathon training. 

Bit of a strange one... I ran a PB! After feeling poorly last week, going on a stag do on the weekend, horrendously hot & humid conditions etc blah etc I really wasn't expecting much. Just wanted to bank a decent 3miles at lactate threshold and tick the speed training box for the week... Mile 1 beeped on my watch... 5:17... WOW - that's unexpected and felt strangely easy... I'm either gonna blow up shortly or run a great time... I'm part of a pack of 5/6 and we're all working well together... Mile 2 beeps... 5:19... Another WOW - Not as easy as the first mile but by no means am I in any world of pain yet... I do some maths and realise a Sub17 minute 5K is a possibility. The group breaks up a bit and I feel like who's left is starting to slow down... there's about half a mile to go and I'm still feeling pretty good - I decide now is the time to put the hammer down, throw everything at it, go for it... etc blah... Now I'm in a world of pain! I get overtaken near the end by a Southville runner who has been training a lot harder/better than me the past couple of years - no major embarrassment there... Mile 3 - 5:27 - considerably slower than the first two but who cares - a good enough finish and surely I've finished with a Sub17 minute 5K? AND SOME - Official time 16:53! Woohoo - well chuffed - I celebrate with a beer. I had no idea at the time and it didn't even really occur to me for a few hours... I was looking back at my time and have a quick look at Po10... 16:56 was my quickest 5K time... a 3 second improvement - PB!! Mental - a terrible week of poorliness, eating and drinking and I went into the race with no expectations whatsoever - amazing result and more evidence of how much of a role the mind plays in these things! Onwards and upwards for the rest of the campaign.

Wednesday 26th June 2019 

We made it to our running club this week after missing a few weeks. It was lovely to be back and catch up with everyone. We ran the alternative 10 mile route which had a good selection of hills and lots of grass - hayfever is a nightmare at the moment. 

A nice run with the gang through the woods - 10Miles / 8:11MM - Lush!

Thursday 27th June 2019 

I cycled to work again today and then did a steady 5 mile recovery run in the evening. Nice and chilled. 

Ditto - 5Miles / 9MM :-)

Friday 28th June 2019 

Running club with the kids at lunchtime today. It was mega hot so we just did 1.12 miles. 

Up early before work and running solo up and down the Portway - 8Miles / 7:30MM - felt good throughout and earned my naughty food at work!

Saturday 29th June 2019 

As we had a busy and exciting weekend ahead, we were both keen to get out early and get our long run done for the weekend. 16 miles was the goal - 2 more than last week's 14. We weren't going to do any at marathon pace but I did want to do more miles at sub 8 minute mile pace. 

We set off at 8am and planned to get to Ashton Court by 9am for parkrun. After a steady 8:09 first mile to warm up, we picked up the pace as we headed out on the Portway and made the second mile in 7:36. After 8 miles, we arrived at Ashton Court and, as John expected, it was the dreaded 'B course'. I was feeling pretty tired after the first 8 miles so decided to take it steady initially - until the downhill of course when I sped up and overtook a good handful of men! 

I finished parkrun as 5th lady with a time of 22:30 which isn't too bad for the B course in the middle of a long run! We waited to cheer in Nat who completed her 50th parkrun (congrats Nat!) before heading off to do our final 5 miles to round us up to 16 for the day. We headed out and back on the towpath this time. It was nice to be in the shade, as the temperature was pretty high by this point, but the pollen down there was hideous - some serious snot! 

After the run, we got changed and headed off to Nottingham...I'll let John tell you more about the evening...

John (in orange) at the front as confident as ever...Kelly is being slightly more cautious (in yellow) further back.

An awesome long run banked 16 Miles / 7:30MM - with Ashton Court parkrun in the middle. The run felt strong and controlled throughout. My longest run of the year and a good improvement on from 14 miles a couple of weeks ago. I turned up to parkrun with the success of a first finish at Blackpool last week lingering in the back of my mind alongside the 5K PB on Tuesday and really wanted to give the run a good go... No chance... half a mile or so in my legs were just not spinning. I cancelled the plan and backed off to roughly marathon pace/effort and decided the bigger picture was definitely the long run and banking decent time on feet. 14th with 20:31 - still pretty cool! Spent the rest of the day/evening with work friends up in Nottingham - all paid for food and drinks with the rest of the company - 300+ people - good times celebrating a great week of running!

Sunday 30th June 2019 

We had a lie in today! It was rather nice not to be planning to get up and run. Instead we made the most of our free hotel breakfast - I had a full 3 courses! On the way back home, we popped in to see my friend (and her new baby daughter)  who lives nearby. 

Once we got home, we made the mistake of lying down...oh dear. When we eventually managed to drag ourselves up, we got ready and headed off planning to do 5 miles. It didn't take long to realised that our legs were pretty trashed from the weekend's events so we cut the run short to 3 miles. We have 3 races next week so the rest will do us good!

We travelled to Nottingham without any running gear -  Very unusual! Was lush to have a lie in and a morning doing nothing. As KD says - when we got home it was hard work feeling inspired to run but we got out and plodded a 5K recovery run around the block - probably did the legs some good after nearly 3 hours sat in the car - it also brought up 50 Miles for the week!

Kelly's Weekly Total = 39.9 miles 

John's Weekly Total = 52.6 miles

17 year old Max Burgin breaks 30 year old U20 800M record with 1:45! (That's 3:31MM pace and only 4 seconds off the world record!! No sound sadly - awesome pace - one for the future!

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