Sunday, June 23, 2019

Week 2 - Training in sickness and in health

Abingdon Marathon Training 

17 weeks to go 

 Training in sickness and in health

Kelly - Purple 
John - Orange 
Both of us - Blue 

Monday 17th June 2019 

Having spent most of the weekend unwell, I wasn't feeling much better on Monday. I hadn't eaten much so was feeling quite weak and dizzy. Should I have taken the day off?...probably but fellow teachers will appreciate that it's almost more effort to take the day off and organise supply cover and planning that just go in and power through! I was greeted with lots of kind words from my colleagues who had read last week's blog. Interestingly, lots of members of staff had also had the same thing as me over the last few days...leading me to conclude that I didn't in fact eat gluten (hooray I can still eat chocolate buttons!) but was instead plagued a virus - and a nasty one at that. 

Unsurprisingly, I didn't do any exercise today. My stomach felt very fragile and was incredibly bloated. I didn't feel hungry all day but managed to eat a small portion of curry in the evening. 

Rest day for me - the usual commute to and from work but other than that a very easy day.

Tuesday 18th June 2019 

Today was one of those crazy know the ones where you have about 15 things planned that all start straight after each other. I still wasn't feeling great but I had to take my class on a trip to Wells Cathedral. 45 minutes in a coach driving down winding roads wasn't exactly what my stomach wasn't helped with a child being sick half way there either...

The rest of the day was actually quite enjoyable. I managed to eat a little bit of lunch and we made it back to school without any more episodes! Straight after school I had the book fair to organise followed by a meeting at another school. After that, I had to pop home and get changed ready for the Eastville 5k. 

Time was going to be really tight. I made it home and had about 2 minutes to get changed before I had to head out again. I still wasn't feeling great - physically or mentally now after literally not having any time to pause for breath all day! I was just having that last minute 'where did I put race number' panic, when John (who was supposed to be running there) came in the door. He wasn't looking great and said his stomach hurt...oh dear...

That was just the excuse I needed. Another days rest would probably do me good anyway. 

As KD explains - Tuesday is when I started to feel poorly... I was running to Eastville park when about half a mile into the run things didn't feel right. 10MM/pace felt more like 6 and I had to keep stopping to walk! Disappointed and a little down - I threw in the towel and wrote off the evenings running and indeed the potential of a series win at the Eastville Sri Chimnoy Series (having won the first race!)

Wednesday 19th June 2019 

Having not ran for 3 days now, I was starting to get itchy feet. John was not in a good way and went to bed so I decided to go out for a steady few miles. My stomach didn't hurt anymore but I was still very bloated as I hadn't really been digesting properly...

As I was running, my stomach felt very uncomfortable, full and tight but my legs felt pretty fresh. I managed a steady 5 miles and spend most of the run planning how I was going to get my weekly mileage back up to where it should be. 

Things were 10 times worse today - other than work I spent all my time in bed sleeping and my diet consisted of tomato soup and chicken soup - Meh!

Thursday 20th June 2019 

I set my alarm for 5:30 am and was out of the door by 5:45. I wanted to try and do 10 miles today. I decided to run the 5 mile route twice, like we did last week, partly so I could see if I could do it a bit quicker and also partly so I would be close to home if I need to make an emergency pit-stop! 

I set off and instantly felt pretty good. My stomach still didn't feel right and I was quite gassy...luckily at 5:45 there wasn't anyone around to hear! My first mile was 8:09mm which I knew was quicker than my first mile last week - the challenge was on! 

All of the other miles were sub 8mm and I managed the full 10 miles in a time of 1 hour 16 minutes at an average page of 7:41 mm. Really pleased with that - no fitness lost to illness, ready to get back into proper training. 

Still feeling pants.... another day off! Double Meh!

Friday 21st June 2019 

No major running for me today. Just running club - 1 mile with the kids at lunchtime. It has been really wet the last couple of weeks so was lovely to get out in the sun and run around our local woodland. 

With John away at his friend's stag do, I decided to get an early night so I could be up early tomorrow morning to get my long run done. 

Today was a day off of work and having had a decent dinner the night before and some good sleep - I was starting to feel a lot better! I decided to go for a run - my intention was a mile steady round the block... a mile in and I was feeling great - relieved to be back running again... Let's up it to 3miles - still feeling good - 5!! After 3 days off I finished 5 steady miles at around 9MM pace - a great way to start the day and my weekend away in Blackpool celebrating my friend Phil's upcoming wedding :-)

Saturday 22nd June 2019 

I had a busy day today so I was up and out of the door at 7:15 am. My mission - 14 miles. I was feeling a lot better but I didn't want to push myself too hard so the plan was to run really steady without worrying about the pace. I was wanted to get the miles done for my first long run of this plan. 14 miles at an average page of 8:16 mm. 

It was a beautiful day and the miles passed really quickly. Before I knew it, I'd reached half way and my turnaround point. I felt comfortable and strong the whole way and finished with a huge smile on my face. 

I spent the rest of the day in school doing the scenery for our school production. In the evening, I went out for drinks with some friends - so lovely to be able to relax and enjoy the evening without having to worry about getting up and having a long run to do! 

Feeling a little sensitive, led in bed the second morning of the stag do I did some Googling - I was only a mile or so from Blackpool parkrun! I had packed my running gear in the hope I'd be able to get a run in and being up at the crack of dawn as usual and not having to meet the rest of the group until 10:30 was perfect! I made my way to Stanley Park - weather was awesome and I was actually feeling OK. After a positive and informative race briefing I was on the start line, near the front - half a mile in and I'm in second place but first is miles ahead and third is miles behind - I was happy taking in the picturesque park and enjoying the flat and straightforward route. A couple of miles in and first place is getting closer and closer... my pace remains consistent and I'm feeling pretty fresh - make sense as I'd had a few days off of running this first week. I up my game and draw level with first place - make sure I'm running strong and with as quiet as possible breathing, I give a respectful grunt and nod - The course is two lap so I knew what lay ahead - flat and easy terrain. I upped the pace and put the hammer down - I pulled away and into first place with about half a mile to go - made sure not to look back and ended up first finisher in 17:43!!! Well chuffed - I said a quick thanks to all the volunteers and made my way back to the stag do! A great day followed - lots of beers and so much fun!

Sunday 23rd June 2019 

With my long run done, I just popped out to do a slow 5 miles today. The first mile was pretty hard work but my legs loosened up quickly. 

Urgh - stag do over... need bed... Instead 6 hours home from Blackpool on a coach with 30+ similarly feeling guys - bliss!! Weather in Bristol was pants when I got back and I was feeling pretty grim - I did a steady 5 Miles out and back to Ashton Court at 8:30MM Pace.

Kelly's Weekly Total = 35 miles 

John's Weekly Total = 17 miles

A tough week and a bit of a disappointment after the success of last week! Luckily enough it's early days with 16 weeks to go... Gonna get over this - quickly hopefully - lots to focus on and look forward to - starting with the Pomphrey 5K this Tuesday - hoping for a good race and 50 miles of good marathon training like Week 1 :-)

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  1. Great to see the blog back.

    Glad you're both recovering from what sounds like a nasty illness. Look forward to following the journey.

    1. Thanks mate. Glad you're enjoying it. What are you targeting now?