Sunday, July 21, 2019

A new parkrun age grade!


Abingdon Marathon Training 

13 weeks to go 

Blue - Both of us 
Purple - Kelly 
Orange - John 

Monday 15th July 2019 - My Birthday!

Today I turned 30! A new parkrun age grading awaits! Although I had to go to work on my birthday, I had a great day with my new class (shuffle up morning) and, at lunchtime, all the teachers surprised my with a special birthday lunch! I had a really lovely day and even managed to get some birthday cake into school attached to my bike (I cycled really slowly to ensure its safe arrival). 

The cake safely strapped in!
John made me this badge to wear to school so
the kids would know it was my birthday!
 I got loads of amazing presents; everyone was incredibly generous. My pressie from the Maestro and Nat was especially relevant to this blog (see the pic) sub 3 running shoe tags! 

 In the evening, it was a beautiful day so we got gluten free fish and chips from our favourite place (Salt and Malt) and sat by the water and enjoyed a glass of prosecco in the sun!

No running today but 6 miles cycled and a fab day. 

No running for me either - starting the week with a rest day and twice as many calories as I should have!

Tuesday 16th July 2019

I cycled to work again today. Although my ride was disrupted as I had to wait for the cows to cross the path! Being from London, I love things like this! 

Today was the final race of the Eastville park series. I'd missed one race so I knew I wasn't in with a series prize but I was very keen to do my best to help our team win the relay. I was in a team with Chloe and Clare who are both super fast so we fancied our chances. 

We ran to the race (3 1/2 miles each way) to warm up and get the miles in for the day. Our running club (GWR) had a big turnout and there was a great atmosphere. John ran leg 1 for his team and I was leg 3 so it was great to be able to watch and cheer him on. He was brilliant - super fast! 

Leg 1 (Chloe) and leg 2 (Clare) had done a fantastic job and we were currently leading. As soon as Clare's hand touched mine, I zoomed off down the hill. I finished my 1 mile lap in 5:58 (1 second quicker than last year!) and brought home the team in first place! Hooray! 

Myself 5:22, Sam 5:06, James 5:13 - Combined 'winning' time of 15:41

Our team did awesome -  First (adult) team! Although slightly embarrassing being beaten by 3 guys who might potentially not add up to my age (a slight exaggeration) it was very cool taking first prize. To be fair, if I'd of pulled my finger out and ran a time a bit closer to James who ran leg 2, we'd have been first team across the line for sure. I ran leg 1 and Sam ran leg 3.

Wednesday 17th July 2019

I cycled to work again today. Then, in the evening, we went to our running club. We've not managed to go for a while as I've had so much on at work. I wanted to do 12 miles so I decided to run to club. We then did the 8 mile route making 12 for the night. Now the marathon is getting closer, I plan to do more of these medium long runs (12 - 15 miles) on a Wednesday as well as a long run on the weekend. 

12 Miles for me - ran the club 8 mile route with KD and the gang. Lush weather, route and company throughout. My legs are feeling a lot better this week and maybe starting to come to terms with marathon training. This bodes well for the long run on the weekend but I'm conscious of not getting too excited and making sure to only increase the miles next week by 10% tops.

Thursday 18th July 2019

I had to drive into work today as I had a lot to carry. I also had a Governors meeting after school so I had to get my run done in the morning. My legs we feeling tired after last night's run so I just did 4 gentle miles at 9:18mm average pace. 

A solo recovery run in the evening for me - 5 miles @8:35MM pace.

Friday 19th July 2019

Knowing that I had a long run to do tomorrow, I decided to do another recovery run today rather than running the Towpath Mob match which John and myself were organising in the evening. Another stead run at 9:13 mm average pace (legs felt loads better than yesterday). 

The weather in the evening was hideous and I was really tired after a very long a busy week at work. Thankfully (apart from the rain) the race went to plan and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. 

We had almost 300 runners!
John about to do the race briefing!

A bit braver than KD maybe :-P I did 7.5miles @ 7:30MM pace out and back on the Towpath. Other than recovery runs I like to spend at least an hour running when marathon training. Keeps the miles up, improves endurance and most importantly on a Friday, burns a few extra calories allowing for naughty food at work! The GWR Towpath MobMatch was a great success - biblical weather still  brought over 250+ runners who took part and all ran very well. 

Saturday 20th July 2019

Very excited today for the wedding of two of our very good friends Rach and Pete. The only problem to fit in our long run!? We had to be in the New Forest for 12:30 which meant leaving home at 10am but we also had to drop the van back (after the race) and I wanted to run 20 miles...working backwards, I realised we would have to be be out of the door around 5:45am! Ouch! As painful as that sounded, I knew that if I left the run to Sunday it wouldn't happen. 

So at around 6am (it took us a while to drag ourselves out of bed...) we left home and I was preparing myself for the first 20 miler of the campaign (John wasn't doing 20 today). I'd been getting ready for this all week and given myself a fair bit of rest so I was feeling pretty confident. We ran one of my favourite routes - out and back on the Bristol to Bath cycle path. I love out and back routes anyway but this one is especially good because the last 6 miles are all downhill - right when you need them! 

The temperature was warm but not too hot and after about 4 miles it started to drizzle - perfect! I love a bit of light rain during a long run as I don't carry water with me. The first 5 miles were steadily uphill. John is amazing at hills so a gap quickly opened up between us. I knew that my first few miles would be slower and I'd prepared myself for that. After the tunnel at 5 miles, the ground flattens and there are some downhill sections. I picked up the pace and most of my miles were then below 8mm pace. I was aiming to have as many as possible at 7:40mm pace. 

After 8 miles, John turned around and we high fived each other and wished each other luck for the rest of our runs. The next two miles seemed to take longer but as soon as I reached 10 miles and turned around, I felt great. 10 miles to go and I was on the way home. The rest of the run flew by and before I knew it I was almost home. 

First 20 miler done at an average pace of 7:50. Really pleased to have got one in the bag so early in the plan. 

After a quick shower and change we drove to the New Forest and had a fantastic time at the wedding. Lots of dancing and celebrating. 

John loves selfies! 

Conscious of not wanting to do too much too soon - I planned 16 miles. Out and back on the Bristol to Bath cycle path, 8 miles with KD before turning around and heading back for home. Feeling good at half way, I decided that if KD was working on endurance, I'd work on speed. I managed 5 miles at around marathon pace, 6:30MM or under. On the way back into the Bristol, the path is very kind with a slight downhill gradient all the way home. The efforts felt ok throughout and it's a good start if nothing else. 16 Miles @ 7:10MM pace.

Sunday 21st July 2019

Having spent the night in the very posh hotel where the wedding was, we were able to start the day with a swim and Jacuzzi in the hotel's spa! Even when swimming John is faster than me...he won all of our breast-stroke races! Triathlons might have to wait a while! 

I decided not to run today. I was planning a recovery run but my legs (and body and head!) we super tired so I thought it would be better to give my body a day to recover. 

A very easy 5 Miles at 8:30MM pace out and back on the Towpath - hard work keeping it a recovery run / Zone2 / HR<130BPM - 5miles did bring up 50+ for the week - Woo!

Kelly's total miles for the week - 48.6

John's total miles for the week - 50.7

Sunday, July 14, 2019

The 'Monster' training week

Abingdon Marathon Training 

14 weeks to go 

Blue - Both of us 
Orange- John
Purple - Kelly 

Phew! Writing this after a thrilling afternoon of sport! Watching the tennis and cricket simultaneously. The cricket was insane! ...right...back to running! We've had pretty strong week. No races this week which was actually quite nice and probably necessary to let our legs recover a bit. 

 Monday 8th July 2019 

A much needed rest day today. No running for  me. I did cycle to and from work so 6 miles in total. Loving cycling commuting; I've only been doing it for a couple of months but I've found that it puts me in a really good mood. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking about it. 

No running for me either - legs knackered after last week!

 Tuesday 9th July 2019 

With it being a full on week at work with our school plays in the evening tonight and tomorrow, I knew I'd have to do a lot of early morning runs. I don't actually mind running early. I do like to try and make sure I still get 7 hours sleep and, as long as the sun is shining, it's actually quite nice to be outside in the fresh air with hardly any people or cars around. I started the run at 5:47am with the aim of getting back before 7am when John wakes up!

My mission today was to try some speedwork. I wanted to do 8 miles and thought I'd have a go at some shortish intervals. I decided to 10 x 1/4 of a mile (around 400m) efforts. I did a 1 mile warm up to the Portway and my legs were feeling quite tired still from the efforts of last week. I have noticed though that, as I get older, it takes me longer to warm up; my legs often feel really heavy in the first mile but then perk up. So, I set off for my first rep - not too bad - 6:00mm pace. I did a moving recovery without a specific distance or time; I just waited until my breathing had slowed and I was comfortably running around 8mm again. I also wanted to utilise the flattest/ downhilliest sections of that cheating?!

The next 4 intervals also went really well. I was able to be pretty consistent and managed: 5:56 min mile pace, 6:02, 5:52 and 5:56. At this point I turned around feeling pretty pleased with myself that I had half of the run done with pretty strong splits. The next rep was downhill so I did that in 5:49 mm pace followed by: 6:00, 6:01, 6:02 and 5:52 to finish. 8 miles with speedwork done before 7am! Boom!  

Oh I also cycled to school again as well...a bit slower than yesterday though! 

7 miles out and back on the Towpath at a steady 8:10MM pace... Legs not feeling the benefit of yesterdays rest day... similar to KD - the first couple of miles are always a bit of a slog wth my legs and mind resisting exercise and naturally preferring to be sat down with beer and chip... When I reach 3miles the run was a lot more pleasant and hopefully beneficial to training! I finished the running feeling as though this might be a long week - running wise...

 Wednesday 10th July 2019 

Another late night at school again (really not enjoying 12 hour days...I don't know how doctors and nurses do it!) so I had to run in the morning again. Mission today was to do my (now) regular 10 mile route known as the monster run (because the route looks like a monster). I've done it twice before during this training block. The first time in an average pace of 7:59 minute miles (1:19:48 total time) and the second time with an average of 7:41mm (1:16:55 total time). So my aim was to beat that pace and time. Could be a big ask given yesterday's speedwork...

I knew that my best chance of beating my time was to get all of my miles under 8 minutes. The problem would be mile 1...when I wasn't warmed up. I had to work quite hard in the first mile as my legs were definitely feeling yesterday's efforts. My watch bleeped at 7:52 - phew! Hard work but a positive start. Surprisingly, the miles ticked by pretty quickly and, although my legs were tired, I was able to push through it without too much pain. I managed to finish in a time of 1:16:14 with an average pace of 7:37 - mission accomplished! 

Nice work from KD!! More miles out and back in the evening for me: 11Miles at 7:30MM pace. Good speed but legs really not feeling it still... Not sure if it's the heat or lack of sleep but my ham strings feel like re-inforced bar and my calfs like breeze blocks... not much bounce! Regressive on last weeks 13 miles :-(

 Thursday 11th July 2019 

Just a 4 mile recovery run needed today (the monster again but with a shorter tail!). I definitely needed a slow run. I cycled to work again as well. Another late night at work meant that I was starting to flag a little. 

5 miles out and back on the Towpath at 8:46MM pace - boring I know but still feeling tired and not overly enthusiastic about running... hmm... Getting very familiar with the Towpath this week! It's nice as it's pretty well shaded which means it's pretty cool :-)

 Friday 12th July 2019 

5 mile recovery today (full monster!). Legs felt a bit better. I'm still tired though...possibly more tired. 

I drove to school today as I was meeting my Aunty to go shopping to buy some shoes for my 30th Birthday party tomorrow! 

Went out with KD - for about half a mile - still feeling knackered I stopped, turned around and walked home. I decided another rest day would be more beneficial that racking up anymore junk recovery miles. I did this with tomorrows long run in mind. Got home feeling pretty rubbish about it but got over it pretty quickly by assuring myself I was gonna give the long run a good go.

 Saturday 13th July 2019 (Kelly's birthday party day!)

I woke up feeling very excited about my party! However, before the partying can start, I had to get my long run in. Why today? We'll I'm guessing (hoping) that I'll be in no fit state to do it tomorrow! I wanted to do 18 miles today - a step up from the 14 and 16 mile runs that I've done so far in this campaign. Having had two recovery days, I  was hoping that I would feel pretty strong and be able to do a good average pace. 

A luck would have it, my legs were feeling great. I started slower and then gradually picked up the page to finish 18 miles with an average pace of 7:40mm. Only 1 minute per mile slower than my target marathon pace - not bad for this early in the training. 

I spent the rest of the morning getting pampered! I don't do this very often so was a great treat. I had a massage (much needed after this stressful week!) and got my nails painted. As I currently have all of my toe nails (which is rare for a marathon runner!), I decided to get them painted too!

The party was amazing! It was a 1920's theme and everyone made such an effort getting dressed up. My legs were pretty tired from the 18 miles but I still managed to dance for most of the night! 

Long run for me to! 14Miles @ 7:34MM pace. I probably should have tried for 18 with KD but I decided at the start of the run not to put too much pressure or stress on myself and run a more manageable 14. Conditions were near perfect - cooler than recently and a light drizzle in the air. Out to Avonmouth on the Portway and back home via the Towpath. A nice speedy finish with a 6:13 mile - legs were finally starting to feel like running again! Pleased with the run and with 13 weeks still to go there's still plenty of time to bank some longer-long runs. 

Sunday 14th July 2019 

Oh how glad I am that I did my long run yesterday! What an amazing night - best party ever! But I was feeling slightly wobbly still this morning... After meeting my family for a -much needed-breakfast at Spoke and Stringer on the Harbourside (amazing gluten-free options - would recommend) we relaxed into a day of sport-watching. 

Eventually, around 4:30 we decided that we finally felt well enough to get today's run done. We could only manage 3 and 1/2 miles but decided that would be enough. Next week's mission - run over 50 miles. 

Feeling very sensitive post party.... no chance of a morning run... A very steady 3.5miles @ 9MM round the block.

Total for the week:

Kelly = 48.5 miles 

John = 40 miles 

A big drop from the last two weeks: 60, 52... I think that the fatigue possibly came from quite a lot of racing and maybe too big a jump from 52 to 60 miles... Should stick to the 10% rule as best I can! A fairly steadyish week next week with only a 1mile race on Tuesday.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

1st, 2nd and 3rd!

Abingdon Marathon Training 

15 weeks to go 

Both of us - blue 
Kelly - Purple 
John - Orange 

We've had an amazing week of running, racing and watching running at the night of the 10,000m PBs! We love running! 

Monday 1st July 2019  

Today was day one in my big race week. The focus for this week was to work on my speed and racing. The first race of the week was the Frampton 10k. This race sells out in minutes so (thanks to the Maestro) we were lucky to get a place. It is a lovely local race around a picturesque village. It stars and finishes on a well manicured village green by a lovely pub. We ran it last year having raced the Cotswold way just before so it wasn't especially fast. I did however finish in 5th place last year so my main aim was to improve on that position. I also wanted to get close to, if not under, 40 minutes. 

On the start line, I sized up my competition; there were a lot of speedy-looking women around. The gun went off and instantly, one women stormed ahead with a blistering turn of pace. I quickly joined a pack of 5 other women who, like me, had clearly decided to let the first lady go it alone. We ran the first mile together taking it in turns to lead and trying to get into a steady rhythm. 6:13 for the first mile - fairly quick but it also felt comfortable. Anything sub 6:30 would get me a sub 40. Having analysed my Strava data from last year, I knew that mile 2 was the hardest -with the most uphill- so I tucked in at the back of the group and let the others do the work. Part way through the mile, the lady who was leading our group started to get a slight gap of the rest of us. No one seemed to be wanting to close it and I wasn't prepared to let her get a lead at this stage so I picked up the pace a little and overtook the other women to tuck in behind her into 3rd place overall. 

Not wanting to turn around and waste energy or risk falling over, I was listening carefully to hear if the rest of the pack had joined me. I was pretty sure that they weren't far off. I knew that mile 3 was downhill so I had a decision to make. Do I go for it and make the most of my downhill speed and try to loose some of them? Or do I race it sensibly and stick behind them and try and overtake later on?

'Let's do this' I said to myself. As soon as I crested the hill, I leaned forward and went for it. I overtook the girl ahead and zoomed into 2nd place. With over half way still to go, I knew I had to keep pushing to get as much of a gap as I could. I managed to overtake a few men as well! Mile 2 went by in 6:29 and mile 3 in 6:28. The downhill continued into mile 4 and I managed a 6:19. I was feeling really confident of a good time now but I could hear someone behind me. On the next uphill, I was passed. 'No matter - 3rd place is still great' I told myself. Mile 5 was a bit slower - 6:35. I knew I had to keep working hard if I wanted a sub 40. I was also desperate not to be passed again. The last mile seemed to go on forever but eventually I saw John running towards me. 'How close is she?' I asked anxiously 'You'll have to keep working hard' came the reply. I gave it everything I had and headed for the finish line. I could see the clock ticking closer to 40. I finished in 39:53 in 3rd place with an average pace of 6:23. 

It was a beautiful evening and we were given a bottle of cider at the finish line - amazing! There was also a BBQ but, even though I sent a number of polite messages asking, there were no gluten free options :( I did go into the pub and get a packet of crisps...but it wasn't the same. 

My mood improved though during the presentation when I won £10! 

John and the Maestro enjoying their cider!

It's like being a pro!

Great running by KD! This was to be my 3rd visit to Frampton - previous attempts resulted in: 
2016 = 13th with 37:19 and 2018 = 3rd with 35:53
This year has been a bit too steady training wise but with a 5K PB just 2 weeks a go I was on the start line feeling reasonably confident, with a target of wanting to run a course PB and possibly even a position PB? The race started - no chance on bettering 3rd place this year - a very deep field of strong runners - a group of 10 or so chatting/bantering up ahead of me, cruising at <5:15MM pace... too quick for me! I made sure to run sensibly, not get sucked in and focus on a possible course PB instead. Conditions were fantastic throughout and as the miles ticked over I found myself almost enjoying running sub lactate threshold... Half way through the race, some of the earler runners weren't having quite as much fun as me and I found myself picking off a few positions... nice scenery and long easy downhill behind us, I found myself having to work hard with about a mile to go. There were a couple of guys just ahead running a similar pace and effort to me, so I decided to work a bit harder and try and pick them off - making sure to earn my free cider and burger. I did! I managed a respectable 8th position with a time of 35:35! My 5th fastest 10K ever and the course is by no means as quick as Cardiff Bay 10K, Bristol or Clevedon - well chuffed!

Tuesday 2nd July 2019  

Race number 2 of the week today. The 2 mile race Eastville park. After yesterday's success, I was expecting to feel pretty tired...and I did...but I hoped I had enough in my legs to push through the pain for two little miles. 

As we are marathon training, 2 miles isn't enough for a Tuesday night so we decided to run to and from the race which would make 9 miles in total. Loads of GWR runners were there so it was great to catch up with the gang. 

The race started and the first 1/2 mile is downhill. I went for it but so did fellow team-mate Clare. She trains in Eastville a lot so is becoming a bit of a pro on this course. I decided to keep close to her and see if she could sustain the pace...if not, I'd prepare to swoop in! On the uphill section, I was almost overtaken by Emma from Bristol and West but managed to dig deep and pick up the pace a little. After the first lap, my legs had loosened up a little and I'd decided that I really wanted the win. I overtook Clare and tried to use the downhill to my advantage and get a bit of a gap. On the final uphill section, I was putting everything I had into not being overtaken! I managed to finish in 1st place with a time of 12:28 only 2 seconds off my 2 mile PB on this (hilly) course. I also ran a negative split which hardly ever happens!

I was definitely not in the mood for this... legs were knackered from the night before and I was just feeling a bit meh! Marathon training though and had 10 miles on the plan - KD was adamant on going to Eastville so thought I may as well tag a long and give it my best shot! 4th place with 11:37 - my 4th quickest time running this one... Not a bad effort - legs felt awful throughout and not the most sensible thing I've done - but - I got home glad having banked the miles for the day and it's always nice seeing KD dominate and meeting up with the GWR family!

Wednesday 3rd July 2019  

Having raced, pretty much flat out, two days in a row, I decided to take a rest day today! No exercise at all! I actually really enjoyed it because I could feel that my body needed it. 

I had the evening to myself as KD was working late - I rushed home from work and got my kit on ASAP so not to get distracted by the comfort of the sofa! Medium-long run for me... Out and back on the Towpath which offered much needed shade throughout... Lush! 13.10Miles @7:49MM pace - a good effort after the efforts of Tuesday and Wednesday... legs are tired and really starting to feel like they're marathon training!

Thursday 4th July 2019  

I had a busy evening today so decided to do my recovery run in the morning. Out the door before 6:30am - 5 miles at a gentle 8:53mm average pace. 

I also cycled to and from work today so a total of 6 miles on the bike. 

After school, I'd booked my yoga teacher to come into our work to lead a yoga class for the teachers for a bit of staff well being. It was great (in my opinion!). Hopefully everyone else loved it too (I have had some really positive feedback) and I'm hoping we can do it more regularly. 

I ran with KD - 5.21Miles @ 8:847MM pace - a steady recovery run and a nice way to start the day :-)

Friday 5th July 2019  

I cycled to and from work again today - another 6 miles in total. I also did running club with the kids at lunchtime. It was the last one before the summer holidays today so we went to the woods which is their favourite place to run. We always run anti-clockwise around the woods...I don't know why...we just do. A few weeks ago, however, we decided to go the other way and, when I uploaded my run, I discovered that the clockwise route was a segment. Today, I decided to be a bit sneaky and got the kids to run clockwise again so that I could have a go at the segment! ...mission accomplished...the crown is mine! 

3rd and final race of the week tonight at the Towpath 10k. It's a race that John and myself help to organise so we can't just turn up and race; we help unload the van first and then go over to the race HQ to enter runners and distribute numbers. There's always someone who turns up with a few minutes to go which means that I arrive at the race, take off my T-shirt (I had my vest underneath don't worry!) and then join the start- line (near the front of course). I did managed to get the race director (who luckily is my good friend Cat!) to hold the start for 10 seconds while my Garmin searched for satellites! Eventually, we were off. Having raced twice already this week, I was expecting to be feeling shattered and just take this race fairly easy...but, amazingly, my legs felt great. I couldn't quite believe it. I have no idea how, but I felt incredible! 

First lady was way ahead already but I realised that I was in 2nd place...thinking back to the week, I realised that, if I could maintain this position, I would have finished in 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions this week...yes I did come up with my blog title in mile 1 of the 10k race...

After managing to rein in my thoughts, I focused on the task in hand; keeping this position. I knew that Robin from Westbury would be behind me and she always starts off slower and then picks up the pace in the 2nd half. In the last race, she overtook me in the last mile. I was determined not to let this happen today. I knew that my only chance was to get a big enough gap between us that she couldn't catch me! 

Sometimes I wish that my watch could measure adrenaline because I'm pretty sure mine would have been off the scale today. I genuinely don't know where my energy came from but I picked up the pace and found myself overtaking men left, right and center. I just couldn't stop smiling. At the turn, I realised that I was closer to first place than 3rd place was to me. But I didn't rest on that. I kept pushing on, hunting down every man I could find and overtaking them. I finished, feeling elated, in 2nd place with a time of 40:23 - not bad for an undulating course. 

Fantastic running from KD - I'm not running the Towpath races this year which means I get to see everyone finish - KD finished with a good strong sprint with a face full of determination and grit - good skills and nice placing!

I got up early and ran before work - Out and back on the Towpath, making sure everything looked OK for the evenings race and banking: 7Miles @ 7:41MM Pace 

Saturday 6th July 2019  

I woke up knowing that John would be out for his long run. I was pretty sure that I wouldn't be able to do a long run today - given the week I'd had- so I'd planned to drop the car off for the air con to be fixed and then doing as close to a long run as I could manage - I still wanted to keep my weekly mileage up because my Strava graph is looking rather great at the moment! 

Earlier than expected, John arrived home; he'd decided that he'd like to run long with me tomorrow! Woohoo! That meant that I could do a recovery run today and we could run long together tomorrow. 
5 miles around the harbourside. At one point I caught myself doing sub 8 minute miles and had to slow myself down to ensure I was actually recovering... how can I be feeling this good still? Marathon training is clearly working! 

Felt daft running long solo - as we are both marathon training and both free at the weekend... Legs weren't overly keen after the weeks racing and previous evenings race organising so banked a good recovery run: 5.1Miles @ 8:32MM Pace

In the afternoon, we drove to London to attend the night of the 10,000 PBs at Highgate -Parliament hill. This was the 3rd time we've attended this event and we love it. There's always loads of talented athletes to watch, the atmosphere is amazing and standing in lane 3 with a plastic cup of  Prossecco or beer is fab! It's also always nice to catch up with Kojo (super fast runner) and get close to all our running idols! 
John's got the merchandise!

The view from the hill

Steph Twell overtaking and putting herself in 1st place!

Team GB out in force: Nick Goolab, Chris Thompson and Ben Conner 

Sunday 7th July 2019  

We were up early today to ensure that we could get the run done in time to get back to Bristol for John's Dad's birthday. Out of the door before 8am to do 13 miles to and around Richmond Park. I love running around the park. It's a great undulating route with clear paths and often lots of deer! 

The first mile was hard work...I think it's getting older that means it takes my legs longer to warm up! But after that, I felt great. We did a few faster miles closer to 7mm pace which was great as, up until now, all of our long runs have been comparatively slow. 

13 miles done with an average pace of 7:45. Pleased with that. 

Another early morning run... Legs are knackered before, during and after this run... KD is running strong and for once does the dragging around :-P
Richmond park is lush - it's undulating throughout which is challenging but lovely views and running alongside hundreds of fellow runners and cyclists is just a lovely situation. 13.11Miles @ 7:42MM - although it was really hard work throughout - it was one of our fastest loops - shows training is working?

Kelly's weekly total - 47 miles 

John's weekly total - 

60.7 miles / 7:58MM / <3 132 / Eco 1053