Sunday, July 21, 2019

A new parkrun age grade!


Abingdon Marathon Training 

13 weeks to go 

Blue - Both of us 
Purple - Kelly 
Orange - John 

Monday 15th July 2019 - My Birthday!

Today I turned 30! A new parkrun age grading awaits! Although I had to go to work on my birthday, I had a great day with my new class (shuffle up morning) and, at lunchtime, all the teachers surprised my with a special birthday lunch! I had a really lovely day and even managed to get some birthday cake into school attached to my bike (I cycled really slowly to ensure its safe arrival). 

The cake safely strapped in!
John made me this badge to wear to school so
the kids would know it was my birthday!
 I got loads of amazing presents; everyone was incredibly generous. My pressie from the Maestro and Nat was especially relevant to this blog (see the pic) sub 3 running shoe tags! 

 In the evening, it was a beautiful day so we got gluten free fish and chips from our favourite place (Salt and Malt) and sat by the water and enjoyed a glass of prosecco in the sun!

No running today but 6 miles cycled and a fab day. 

No running for me either - starting the week with a rest day and twice as many calories as I should have!

Tuesday 16th July 2019

I cycled to work again today. Although my ride was disrupted as I had to wait for the cows to cross the path! Being from London, I love things like this! 

Today was the final race of the Eastville park series. I'd missed one race so I knew I wasn't in with a series prize but I was very keen to do my best to help our team win the relay. I was in a team with Chloe and Clare who are both super fast so we fancied our chances. 

We ran to the race (3 1/2 miles each way) to warm up and get the miles in for the day. Our running club (GWR) had a big turnout and there was a great atmosphere. John ran leg 1 for his team and I was leg 3 so it was great to be able to watch and cheer him on. He was brilliant - super fast! 

Leg 1 (Chloe) and leg 2 (Clare) had done a fantastic job and we were currently leading. As soon as Clare's hand touched mine, I zoomed off down the hill. I finished my 1 mile lap in 5:58 (1 second quicker than last year!) and brought home the team in first place! Hooray! 

Myself 5:22, Sam 5:06, James 5:13 - Combined 'winning' time of 15:41

Our team did awesome -  First (adult) team! Although slightly embarrassing being beaten by 3 guys who might potentially not add up to my age (a slight exaggeration) it was very cool taking first prize. To be fair, if I'd of pulled my finger out and ran a time a bit closer to James who ran leg 2, we'd have been first team across the line for sure. I ran leg 1 and Sam ran leg 3.

Wednesday 17th July 2019

I cycled to work again today. Then, in the evening, we went to our running club. We've not managed to go for a while as I've had so much on at work. I wanted to do 12 miles so I decided to run to club. We then did the 8 mile route making 12 for the night. Now the marathon is getting closer, I plan to do more of these medium long runs (12 - 15 miles) on a Wednesday as well as a long run on the weekend. 

12 Miles for me - ran the club 8 mile route with KD and the gang. Lush weather, route and company throughout. My legs are feeling a lot better this week and maybe starting to come to terms with marathon training. This bodes well for the long run on the weekend but I'm conscious of not getting too excited and making sure to only increase the miles next week by 10% tops.

Thursday 18th July 2019

I had to drive into work today as I had a lot to carry. I also had a Governors meeting after school so I had to get my run done in the morning. My legs we feeling tired after last night's run so I just did 4 gentle miles at 9:18mm average pace. 

A solo recovery run in the evening for me - 5 miles @8:35MM pace.

Friday 19th July 2019

Knowing that I had a long run to do tomorrow, I decided to do another recovery run today rather than running the Towpath Mob match which John and myself were organising in the evening. Another stead run at 9:13 mm average pace (legs felt loads better than yesterday). 

The weather in the evening was hideous and I was really tired after a very long a busy week at work. Thankfully (apart from the rain) the race went to plan and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. 

We had almost 300 runners!
John about to do the race briefing!

A bit braver than KD maybe :-P I did 7.5miles @ 7:30MM pace out and back on the Towpath. Other than recovery runs I like to spend at least an hour running when marathon training. Keeps the miles up, improves endurance and most importantly on a Friday, burns a few extra calories allowing for naughty food at work! The GWR Towpath MobMatch was a great success - biblical weather still  brought over 250+ runners who took part and all ran very well. 

Saturday 20th July 2019

Very excited today for the wedding of two of our very good friends Rach and Pete. The only problem to fit in our long run!? We had to be in the New Forest for 12:30 which meant leaving home at 10am but we also had to drop the van back (after the race) and I wanted to run 20 miles...working backwards, I realised we would have to be be out of the door around 5:45am! Ouch! As painful as that sounded, I knew that if I left the run to Sunday it wouldn't happen. 

So at around 6am (it took us a while to drag ourselves out of bed...) we left home and I was preparing myself for the first 20 miler of the campaign (John wasn't doing 20 today). I'd been getting ready for this all week and given myself a fair bit of rest so I was feeling pretty confident. We ran one of my favourite routes - out and back on the Bristol to Bath cycle path. I love out and back routes anyway but this one is especially good because the last 6 miles are all downhill - right when you need them! 

The temperature was warm but not too hot and after about 4 miles it started to drizzle - perfect! I love a bit of light rain during a long run as I don't carry water with me. The first 5 miles were steadily uphill. John is amazing at hills so a gap quickly opened up between us. I knew that my first few miles would be slower and I'd prepared myself for that. After the tunnel at 5 miles, the ground flattens and there are some downhill sections. I picked up the pace and most of my miles were then below 8mm pace. I was aiming to have as many as possible at 7:40mm pace. 

After 8 miles, John turned around and we high fived each other and wished each other luck for the rest of our runs. The next two miles seemed to take longer but as soon as I reached 10 miles and turned around, I felt great. 10 miles to go and I was on the way home. The rest of the run flew by and before I knew it I was almost home. 

First 20 miler done at an average pace of 7:50. Really pleased to have got one in the bag so early in the plan. 

After a quick shower and change we drove to the New Forest and had a fantastic time at the wedding. Lots of dancing and celebrating. 

John loves selfies! 

Conscious of not wanting to do too much too soon - I planned 16 miles. Out and back on the Bristol to Bath cycle path, 8 miles with KD before turning around and heading back for home. Feeling good at half way, I decided that if KD was working on endurance, I'd work on speed. I managed 5 miles at around marathon pace, 6:30MM or under. On the way back into the Bristol, the path is very kind with a slight downhill gradient all the way home. The efforts felt ok throughout and it's a good start if nothing else. 16 Miles @ 7:10MM pace.

Sunday 21st July 2019

Having spent the night in the very posh hotel where the wedding was, we were able to start the day with a swim and Jacuzzi in the hotel's spa! Even when swimming John is faster than me...he won all of our breast-stroke races! Triathlons might have to wait a while! 

I decided not to run today. I was planning a recovery run but my legs (and body and head!) we super tired so I thought it would be better to give my body a day to recover. 

A very easy 5 Miles at 8:30MM pace out and back on the Towpath - hard work keeping it a recovery run / Zone2 / HR<130BPM - 5miles did bring up 50+ for the week - Woo!

Kelly's total miles for the week - 48.6

John's total miles for the week - 50.7

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