Sunday, August 18, 2019

Woooaahh we're half way there...

Abingdon Marathon Training 

9 weeks to go! 

Both of us - Blue 
John - Orange
Kelly -Purple 

We're halfway through our 18 weeks of training and both feeling pretty positive. We've done more 20+ mile runs than at this point in previous plans so we're confident that the distance won't be a problem. The next few weeks are going to see more of a focus on speed. We've got 3 half marathons coming up which will be good opportunities to see if we can run at marathon pace or sub-marathon pace for 13 miles. 

Monday 12th August 2019 

After 22 miles yesterday, I definitely needed a rest day today. My legs felt shattered. I went into school today to do some more sorting and tidying of my classroom. 

Monday was a rest day for me to - didn't even risk the legs cycling so my exercise for the day was a nice walk to and from work whilst listening to Marathon Talk's 500th episode - it was a good one!

Tuesday 13th August 2019 

I was tempted to run today but my legs were still really tight so I decided to take another rest day. I've learnt that it's more beneficial for me to take another day off and run stronger for the rest of the week. I used to be worried about not getting the miles in but I think that less miles but higher quality of miles is the way forward...John has been telling me this for years...I finally agree...I think it's because I'm over 30 takes me longer to recover now! 

Two runs for me today: I ran to work - 2Mi @ 9MM pace and ran home from work with a detour - 5Mi @ 9:25MM pace - the weather was glorious and after the rest day yesterday my legs were feeling awesome so it was nice to bank 7miles so early in the week.

Wednesday 14th August 2019 

We've missed the last few Wednesday night club runs with me having wisdom tooth problems but all is feeling better now so we went to club this evening. We did the alternative summer 10 mile route and a relaxed pace. Was really nice to run and chat and just enjoy being outside with friends. 

Ditto. Was nice to catch up with people and do a few miles around Leigh Woods and Ashton Court. 
10Miles @ 9MM Pace

Thursday 15th August 2019 

Just a recovery run needed today so I decided to run to meet John at work. Was really nice to meet him and run home together. 

In the evening, we played squash with our friends Luke and Chloe. Really close and exciting matches and great fun. 

An easy day of running with squash in mind - To and from work: 2Mi @ 9MM Pace & 3Mi @ 9MM Pace - feeling fresher than usual at this point in the week considering last nights 10-bumpy miles :-)

Friday 16th August 2019 

Ooooh my bum! Playing squash has crippled me! Was going to run today but probably needed to rest and let my backside it rained all day which didn't really inspire me to get out...

I'd normally run 7 - 10 miles - or have done the last few Fridays - but - I was already at 30 miles for the week and I'd planned 10 for Saturday and 24 for Sunday - making sure not to over-do it, I just did a steady plod to and from work: 2 X 2Mi @ 9MM Pace :-)

Saturday 17th August 2019 

We were up early(ish) today to run to Eastville parkrun to celebrate our friend Ian's 250 parkrun! During the week, we had some panicked messages from the parkrun organisers saying that they might have to cancel as they were short of marshals so I signed me and John up to help out...with a role that meant we could run as well as help! 

I was initially planning on taking it easy today as we had a mega long run planned for tomorrow. But, after the 4 mile run there, I was feeling pretty warmed up plus, as I was now helping with the barcode scanning, I needed to be finished pretty quickly so that I could actually be useful. 

The route is very up and down. I took the first lap fairly steady and then tried to pick up the pace on the downhills and in the last mile. I finished in a time of 20:52. John had already finished and was in place handing out the finishing tokens. I quickly grabbed my hi-vis and started scanning. I actually really enjoyed helping out; it was really nice chatting to everyone as they finished and finding out about people's run. Parkrun has such a great community vibe. It was fab being able to run and help out - will definitely do this again. 

What with the run there and back, we did 10 miles today. 

Thanks Maciej for the pics. 

A steady 4 miles warm up en route to parkrun - 9 weeks of training and very little speedwork - I was keen to have a decent go at parkrun and check I still had some speed hiding away somewhere. Eastville is quite a challenging course - quite up & down! Starting downhill meant for a quick start - I settled in to the top-10 and took it steady throughout the first half. I had no idea what pace I was running as my watch was set to tell me the time but I felt as though I was running at a good effort and thought I'd push on for as good a position and time as possible. The second half was a lot more positive than the first - I manged to over take five-or-so people and got myself into 4th place on the finishing straight - a tough sprint finish with 100mtrs to go, I'd earned my: 4th Place - 18:31!
Overall for the day: 10 Miles @ 8MM Pace

Sunday 18th August 2019 

Long run day! Given that my legs have only just recovered from last week's long run and squash and we also have the Severn Bridge half next weekend, today's run was focusing purely on distance with no worries at all about the speed. 

We did 24 miles out and back along the Bristol to Bath cycle path. I love this route because it's pretty flat and finishes with a nice downhill section. Everyone seemed to be out running today and we bumped into loads of people we know out doing their Sunday long runs. Always great to see a friendly face. 

The first 12 miles seemed to take quite a while so I occupied myself by singing songs by 'Scouting for Girls' don't know how they ended up in my head but their songs have a great beat to run too! As soon as we turned around and were on our way back, the miles just flew past. 

I felt strong and comfortable throughout and like I could have ran further and faster if I needed to. Next week will be lots of recovery ready for the Severn Bridge half. I love this race. We've actually ran every single one of these since the race began. This year will be race number 6. In 2017, I finished as 3rd lady, in 2018, I was 2nd I definitely have a target for this year! 

Similar mentality to KD - with 9 weeks still to go and with the blitz at parkrun just 24 hours before - today was just about banking the long run! The last few weekend long runs have progressively gone: 
16, 18, 20, 22 - all around 8MM pace, steady throughout with no marathon pace at all. HR has come down nicely over the weeks, on the 16 miles it was around 145, today's run was 135 - the engine is slowly becoming more efficient! We left a bit later than usual today which did mean it was a bit hotter - a boring but safe and measured out and back on the Bristol to Bath cycle path passing and saying hello to lots of running & cycling friends. 't Was a nice run throughout but come 20 miles I was very much counting down the strides and much appreciative of the down hill finish!
24 Miles @ 8:15MM pace - good work! As KD suggests - some speed work to follow.. a half marathon race next week followed by less longer run but with blocks of marathon pace... I hope!

Totals for the week: 

Kelly - 49.1 miles (really tempted to go out and do 0.9...)

John - 64 Miles

Interestingly - as we're half way through the plan, I compared some stats side by sides with my two of my previous best marathons; Berlin 2015 and Abingdon 2017. (I haven't compared against my PB in 2016 as I was doing some SILLY miles then and although I PB-ed I really do think towards the end of the campaign I was burned out and probably could have done a lot better had I trained more sensibly) Anyway - reassuringly - miles wise and speed wise - things are much the same... I'm hoping with some new found (2018-throughout) grit and determination this could be the year I renew my membership to the Sub3 marathon club... we shall see!

SPEED (MMs)08:0608:1408:17

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