Sunday, August 11, 2019

You don't know the power of the Dark Side (long run)!

Abingdon Marathon Training 

10 weeks to go!

Both of us - Blue 
John - Orange
Kelly - Purple 

Monday 5th August 2019 

I really wanted to run today...but I could hardly walk! Saturday's 20 miler with 4 at Marathon Pace has seriously left some DOMs. Instead, I did some planning ready for next academic year. 

Equally as tired - maybe less dramatic ;-P I also had a day off.

Tuesday 6th August 2019 

Today was round 2 of the wisdom teeth saga. To be honest, I was feeling pretty nervous about it...mainly because I really needed it to heal quickly so I can get back on with marathon training. Knowing that I'd have to take a few days off running, I wanted to get a longish run done. I left the house with enough time to do 15 miles...I ran 100 meters and realised that that wasn't happening! I settled for a very gently 5 miles. My calves were wrecked! Well at least I'd have some enforced rest! 

The Dentist could see that I was nervous and because I'd had some issues last time around, he decided to try a different method. He cut the tooth into sections and then removed piece by piece. He then sewed up the hole so I wouldn't have the same problems with food getting stuck in there like last time. I had a local so couldn't feel any pain but it wasn't exactly comfortable. 

My goal this time was to rest more over the next 3 or 4 days in the hope that it would heal quicker than last time and I could still run at the weekend. 

A steady run for me - 10 Miles @ 8MM Pace - STILL feeling the previous weekend long run, I decided on not doing any speed work and just running steady throughout and keeping HR around 130BPM - job done!

Wednesday 7th August 2019 

So I wake up in a bit of pain...not too bad. Then I look in the mirror! My face is HUGE! This didn't happen last time...a day of rest today and eating nothing but soup and yogurt. 

Two runs for me - to and from work - 5 Miles@ 9MM Pace.

Thursday 8th August 2019 

More soup today and no running. I really miss chewing...

Up early before work for a medium long run - 12 Miles @ 7:30MM Pace W/HR @ 135! - A really strong run for the time of day and rewarded on my way back home with a great view in the skies with the only balloon lift of the fiesta (due to the weather over the next few days) I even got to see Darth Vader!

For the last 3 years, John and I have woken up early and ran together to see the balloon mass ascent. I was pretty gutted that I didn't get to run and see them today. But, when John got home, he opened the curtains and they were flying past my window! And...right at that moment, Darth came past!  

Friday 9th August 2019 

My face is smaller today! I'm quite keen to run the last race of the Towpath series tonight...I'm in with a chance of 2nd place if I race...if I don't I get 3rd...

John makes me see sense. I really shouldn't be racing after eating nothing but soup for 3 days and with quite a large face...I settle for 3rd place and a lovely shiny trophy to add to the collection. It was fun helping out with the race and having a few cheeky drinks afterwards at the Cottage. 

More recovery for me - Running to and from work - 4MILES @ 9MM - Evening spent organising the last Towpath Race - 5K this time round. KD had a great series and a very deserved 3rd place. We also got a bottle of wine each for our help in organising all the events :-)

Saturday 10th August 2019 

Time to try running. 3 miles around Victoria Park. Mouth feels a little strange and uncomfortable but no pain. Hooray! Legs have finally recovered from last weekend's long run. Looking forward to another long run tomorrow. 

Nice to be back running with KD again after her having a few days off - 3Miles Steady @ 9MM pace - holding back as much as possible with the long run planned for tomorrow :-)
A lush day spent chilling, watching the footy and Stranger Things (AWESOME!).

Sunday 11th August 2019 

22 miles was the aim. I wanted to get most of those miles sub 8 minute miles and ideally as close to 7:40 mm average pace as possible. We set off at 8am and it was warm with the sun trying to peek through. We decided to do an out and back route (my favourite type) along the Portway, over the Avonmouth Bridge, towards Portishead and back. 11 miles out and 11 miles back. 

I started off feeling really strong. Usually, uphill I slow down considerably -and that's where I loose my average pace -so today I wanted to really push on the uphill sections. The uphills are also where I get left behind by John as I can't keep up with my mountain goat! Not today! I worked really hard at sticking with him (and often slightly in-front of him!) and was feeling really strong...

Until about mile 16 when my legs started getting really heavy and jelly like. My head was telling me to stop but I politely asked it to be quiet while I pushed on. I desperately wanted to finish the run and finish it strong. I kept telling myself that this is what my legs will feel like in the last few miles of the marathon. This is great training - running while in pain! 

All I had was 1 mile of uphill left and then 5 miles of downhill back down the Portway. I powered up the uphill and then lent forwards and left gravity do the work! Once the road flattened out a bit, I was expecting to have to work really hard to keep the 7:40 pace. Surprisingly, although I couldn't really feel my legs at this point, they seemed to just know what to do and kept the pace themselves! I felt like I was slowing and then looked at my watch and saw that actually I was holding the pace. I was in a rhythm and knew that all I had to do was not stop! I knew that if I stopped, I wouldn't be able to start again. 

I finished the 22 miles with an average pace of 7:46 mm feeling exhausted but delighted! Really pleased to have done 3, 20+ mile runs already with 10 weeks still to go! 

Tough! We went out really early to avoid the rain and so we had the coolest part of the day. The first half was very straight forward and felt strong throughout - the second half not so much... The sun came out... (most of you know how much I hate the sun...) The run became tough. I'd normally run as quickly as possible/comfortable to try and just get it done.. but decided to focus on HR and effort instead of pace - making sure to keep around the 140BPM - this translated to mile splits between 7:40-8:15, depending on the undulation - with 10 weeks still to go, it seems sensible/more important right now to bank the miles instead of worrying about the pace... will try to implement some quicker runs and marathon pace blocks over the next few weeks... 

Total miles for the week:
Kelly - 30 John - 56

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