Sunday, September 8, 2019

6 weeks to go!

Abingdon Marathon Training 

6 Weeks to Go! 

Both - Blue 
John - Orange 
Kelly - Purple 

Having been away on holiday last week, this was our first week back to normality. 

Monday 2nd September 2019

After 6 weeks off, today I had to go back to work. Luckily, it was an INSET day so I had one more child-free day! It was lovely to go back actually, mainly to catch up with the staff and chat about our summers. 

I'm going to try and cycle every day this year (maybe unless there are torrential rains or snow!) so I started today with 3 miles each way. 

No running for me today though - still recovering from the Oldbury 10 yesterday. Legs very tired - especially my left hamstring. 

Back to work for me! I walked in and ran home: 5K @ 9MM Pace on the way home. Hard work - going back to work... after a week of sleeping, napping and sleeping!

Tuesday 3rd September 2019

My first day with my new class today! They were very sweet...rather smaller than I'm used to having been with Year 6 for 5 years - now being in Year 3 is quite a change but one which I'm very excited about. I cycled again today and was hoping to get a good run in. John and I had made a plan where I'd get home, park up and change and run out to meet him. The plan worked and I ended up running 3.3 miles. I had hoped to run further but actually my legs were still pretty sore so 3 was enough in the end. 

2 Miles @ 9MM Pcae on my way into work.
10 Miles @ 8MM Pace on my way home - Cycle path throughout and meeting KD with 3 miles to go was nice. 

Wednesday 4th September 2019

Anther cycle - slightly further today because I was tutoring after school. 8 miles for the day. Then, in the evening, we went to our running club. The nights are drawing in so it's almost the end of our summer runs through the woods for this year. We managed to squeeze in one last summer 8 mile run tonight although it was rather dark by the end. 

My legs - particularly my hamstrings - were feeling really tight and tired still and with a 20 miler planned for the weekend, I got home and quickly booked a sports massage for tomorrow night. I booked in with Matt (the physio who also does acupuncture) after Jenny (my regular physio) mentioned that it might be worth trying, I decided to book a sports massage with Matt to talk it over. 

2 Miles each way - to & from work - @ 9MM Pace
Then to running club with KD and the gang! Last summer route of the season - running round the woods is much nicer than down the Portway - but back to the grind of autumn/winter training next week. Wanting to bank a long-ish run - I ran from home to club as well as the club run - 
13.2 Miles @ 8:29MM Pace

Thursday 5th September 2019

Another cycle today but no running. I went to see Matt the physio at Comfort Health in Clifton. I had planned to get a sports massage and just chat about the acupuncture but after looking at the needles which were far smaller than I'd expected and Matt explaining that it really wouldn't hurt at all, I decided to go for it! 

He used the needles at the very top of my hamstring as he suspects that the problem might actually be the tendon because I've had this dull ache for nearly a year. In that time, you'd expected a pulled hamstring to have healed (apparently) whereas tendons are more stubborn. He put the needle in and then moved it around to activate different areas. It didn't hurt a all but did feel rather strange. Every now and then, the needle would hit a nerve and my leg would twitch unexpectedly. He also gave me a deep tissue massage on the area and advised me not to run for the next day. 

Straight after, my leg felt ok...but driving home was really quite painful! If I have it again, I definitely won't drive home after. 

An easy day of running for me - 2Miles to & from work @ 9MM Pace
Using my commutes to try and catch up on podcasts.. today was listening to Finding Mastery - An Interview with Meb Keflezighi - a Boston Marathon winner always takes my interest and he came across as a top guy with some good advice regarding perseverance and sticking with it (Fastest American V40 with 2:13!)
Car passed it's MOT amazingly - yay!!!

Friday 6th September 2019

No running for me today. I did cycle to work though and my leg felt pretty good after the dry needling - a little sore but alright. 

Still taking it easy with a long run planned on the weekend...
To and from work - 4 Miles @ 9MM Pace

Saturday 7th September 2019

We had planned to do our long run today but John wasn't feeling well...I'll let him explain about that... I went out planning to just do 3 or 4 miles but my legs felt great so I ended up doing 7 miles nice and gently at 8:45 mm. I could have gone quicker but wanted to keep my legs fresh for tomorrow. 

Struggling! A very disturbed nights sleep and I woke up with a very sore neck and generally feeling under the weather... After some Google-ing - I self diagnosed sternocleidomastoid pain... and feeling generally rubbish I prescribed a day on the sofa watching the tele! It did me the world of good - I've run 30+ days without a day off so it was due - My friend/doctor told me that I was safe to run with my neck pain as long as I didn't look side-to-side to often so that was re-assuring for tomorrows long run...

Sunday 8th September 2019

The alarm went off at 7:30am but we decided to lie in and leg John's neck and shoulders loosen up a little. Going out late also meant that we could watch the Great North Run. We've not run it before but it's definitely on our bucket list. I was really inspirational watching - especially Charlotte Purdue who is a real idol of mine. 

We eventually go out for our run at 12:00. We planned to do 20 miles and used the Portway to do laps.  My goal for today's run was to keep a pretty consistent pace; ideally around 7:30 mm. The first 13 miles felt great. My legs felt really fresh and my hamstring felt great - hopefully the dry needling did the trick. I had to work a bit harder in the last 7 miles. It was getting hot and by 17 miles I was really thirsty and tired. I just thinking about how, in the last few miles of the Oldbury 10, I had a jelly baby and that really sorted me out - just gave me the little boost I needed. I was just wishing that someone would pass me with a packet, when I caught sight of a blackberry bush to my right. I grabbed a handful and carried on. Perfect! The natural solution! 

I finished feeling pretty tired but having kept an average pace of 7:34. Really pleased with that - a solid 2 and a half hours of running. 

Woke up feeling a lot better - but not 100%. Whereas it would have been advantageous (especially for me!) to go our early during the coolest part of the day I decided to neck some pain killers and enjoy a little bit more tele! Watching the Great North Run was awesome - Mo (as usual,) Callum Hawkins and Charlotte Purdue were awesome - very inspiring and I'm very excited to see how Hawkins and Purdue get on at the Work Champs! Once the race was over - we put running kit on and got out the door just after 12... very brave considering how well I do in the sun... But I was layered up with sun screen AND wearing a hat! After yesterdays day off my legs were feeling awesome so after a 1mile wam up I decided on some speed work: 3 X 3MILES @ MARATHON PACE - I did each effort with a 3mile easier effort in between (3miles on-3 off - etc...) Success! All the efforts were 6:45MM Pace or faster... One more big session like this in a couple of weeks time and I think that'll be it for the speed work during this campaign (Two half marathon races planned in the next few weeks aside!)
20 Miles @ 7:05MM Pace!!

Totals for the week: 

Kelly - 38.3 Miles

John - 60 Miles!

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